First Thoughts

Welcome – if nothing else, I hope all that may read this find something useful they can use – even if it’s nothing more than a smile.

Tonight I am starting on my commitment to get spiritually and physically in shape. It strikes me that what I want to accomplish is more than simply getting “into” shape or becoming more knowledgeable about spiritual matters. What I want to accomplish is a lifestyle change.

In the past, I have always been able to lose weight quickly in preparation for a summer vacation or upcoming family reunion of some kind. Being almost 43 makes you look at things differently, if I just try to lose a couple of pounds to feel and look better, I know whatever I loose will return at some point. No, I want to be healthier, which means eating better, getting exercise, getting proper sleep and that will require more than just wanting to look better and relying on whatever willpower I can come up with.

It’s a commitment – that stemmed from a simple question I asked of myself. Am I the best I can be physically? The answer was no and I thought about how I am always challenging my kids to do the best they can and in this area of my life I am falling short of doing my best. So, January 19th, 2009 is the day I commit to changing my lifestyle – to be the best I can physically.

As I begin to ask that question about other areas of my life – I stopped when asking myself about my spiritual walk with Christ. I knew this was the area I needed to address first. But where to start? Should I pray more? Maybe read the Bible more often? Meditate longer? Do more good deeds? Only listen to Christian music? I have thought a lot about this over the past 2 weeks and I really don’t think there is an answer or a magic order of events – I just know I need to start somewhere. So, I have chosen to start with the following – I will begin my day with prayer, without fail. Not like I have done in the past where I think about praying everyday and some days do and others I don’t.

I don’t want to commit to anything else until I have changed this facet of my daily walk – I am thinking a week. When I get to next Monday, I will decide what I should commit to next. Until then I will pray for God to guide me in this endeavor – this journey. Yes, that is how I see this – a new and grand journey that will change my life. I know it sounds wistful or maybe it doesn’t, regardless IT begins tomorrow.

As I begin this blog, please know I welcome your input – after all, we are not here to journey alone.

The Journey Begins

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