It’s Saturday morning and the weather is simply amazing. Today, I get to enjoy the family and maybe play some golf later on this afternoon. This week was tough at work so I am looking forward to today, just being able to relax and spend some time with the kids. I can’t believe how time flies, Andrea just walked by and I can’t believe how much she has grown since we have moved here. She is becoming so poised, such a young lady. She handles herself so well, it’s fun to watch how easy she connects with people. I need to see how her week went. I haven’t talked with her much this week.

All of the kids have really changed the last 7 years, all are unique in their own way and each one of them are starting to find their stride. I pray that has their father I can help them find their way and discover the life path that God has for each of them. I feel so overwhelmed sometimes, knowing that they are looking to me for wisdom and direction. At times, I am not even sure if I know the path that God has for me. I do feel that spiritually, God is allowing me the opportunity to understand Him more and that if I keep studying and praying, the trend will continue.

I digress, today is a day to concentrate on family, I think I will go find Lisa and just hang out with her for a while. We haven’t had the chance to really connect this week with our schedules being so busy. It feels like we are always going in different directions so a little catch up time is sorely needed. Actually, I need to see about booking us a little get away at a bed and breakfast somewhere, we haven’t done that in a while. I will look into that later today. She deserves a break, I don’t know how she keeps up with everything. God has certainly blessed her with patience and stamina – although I know she doesn’t feel that way. She is simply amazing. It’s because of her, and the kids that I really want to grow spiritually, to be the spiritual leader of my home. Oops, there I go again – wait… wasn’t that a song….sorry, back to my Saturday.

I hear Kyle and Ryan picking at each other, those 2 are quite the pair. Typical brothers I guess, always trying to one up each other. These 2 have probably changed the most since we moved here and not just physically. I see both of them growing up before my eyes. Seeing them come into their own has been and will continue to be fun. I have been trying to spend more time with them and have for the most part – just not as much as I would like. I will get with them later today and see if they want to go to the park or something. Maybe they will want to hit some golf balls with me.

Kym just sat down beside me. Can’t believe she is 12 already, seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. She seems much more mature than other 12 yr. olds I see. Always mindful of her surroundings, she carries herself quite well. I think that she does a great job in setting a good example for her siblings. I know she will want to go swimming later today, maybe I will join her after I play golf.

TODAY – Time is an illusion, there is always time and then there is no time at all. You can’t save it and you can’t use rollover minutes that you didn’t use last month. Just 7 years ago, I do remember having the thoughts I typed above and thinking today I have time.

TODAY – Kym is 19 and in her second semester at Mary Baldwin and I still don’t know any other 19 yr olds as mature as she. Andrea, 18, still making friends, will join her sister in college next year. Kyle and Ryan, yes, they are still trying to one up each other in all things. Lisa, well, she is even more amazing today and I love her more today than any day previous!

Time is not given, you have to take it. Today I just want to encourage you to take time and do the things that are important to you. I have been blessed to have had time to spend with my wife and kids but I know that I am not promised tomorrow. My prayers haven’t changed, I pray that God will give me wisdom to help the kids find their own path and that each day I would grow closer to Him through my relationship with Christ.

May God multiply your time. Blessings to you all.

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