Without further delay

OK – I know..it’s been 5 weeks since my last post. I apologize to all 4 of you who read my blog for having to wait so long. I hope it’s worth the wait.

First things first – an update on my spiritual and physical commitment to get in “shape”. On the physical side I am happy to report that since mid-January I have been faithful to workout no less than 3 times a week. The first 4 weeks were not fun. I really thought that after 3 or 4 visits it would all just become easier and that my body wouldn’t be sore. How wrong I was – only in the last week or so has it begun to be fun. Not the work outs mind you but seeing the results is fun.

It has been rewarding to see how my workouts have started to increase in length and intensity. It’s funny though how I still have to push myself to work harder, go longer and stretch myself even though I can see and feel the results of working out, almost daily. Discipline, I have determined is what I am truly developing and striving for. If I can develop the discipline to eat right, exercise daily (almost), and get proper rest then I can expect to be in good physical shape.

Discipline however is not easy. It is extremely hard work to stay disciplined each day. Why is it that bad habits are easy to acquire and keep, but good habits are hard to develop and even harder, it seems, to maintain? This has not been a new revelation to me but one that I have simply been reminded of over the last several weeks. The other thing that has been prevalant in my thoughts as of late is how this principle plays out in my spiritual walk as well.

As you know, several weeks ago, I made the commitment to pray faithfully everyday and it feels good to say that I have kept this commitment. However, it too has not been easy. Why is that? In my heart I feel it should be so easy. I am so thankful to God for what he has done in my life and I know that through prayer I develop my relationship with him – so why then – can it be difficult at times to just, simply pray.

It is a process that I have gone through and continue to move forward in. I have developed a discipline to pray and I am now, on most occassions, looking forward to praying. I am strengthened when I pray. I can feel it – I’m more aware of my surroundings and not always, but I look at more things as I think Christ wants me to look at them. I have also noticed more “promptings”, meaning I have people come to my mind during prayer and I take time to pray for them. I’m now trying to contact those who come to mind during prayer to see how they are doing. Definitely need work in this area – you know – being busy and all.

I feel good about my growth over the last several weeks but am constantly reminded of how truly weak I am – spiritually. I recently felt led to fast for 21 days. I shared this with a couple of people so they could help me with encouragement and prayer. Again, no shocker here, but it has been hard. Understand that it’s not like I have given up all food or anything. I committed to do without milk, white potatoes and bread (sandwich type). I chose these because they are all weaknesses of mine. I have struggled with this and it’s not because I’m hungry and only a meatball sub will suffice. It is simply a matter of will power, of which, I have none. I have only been able to sustain my commitment thus far because of Christ.

Paul talks about this very subject in Romans 7 – starting with verse 14. Ok, not meatball subs but he talks about his struggle with continuing to do things he knows he shouldn’t and not do the things he knows he should. That’s where I am, trying to develop and do the good habits and quit doing the bad habits. And I can through Christ only. If you have the chance, take time to read it. I have found it to be inspirational for me.

I look forward to sharing with you over the coming months things that God has taught, is teaching or developing in me. I hope that through my ramblings, however simple or silly they may be, that God uses them to speak to you. Likewise, I would love to hear feedback from you – I think one of the great gifts we have is the ability to share and I would love to know what things God has shown you.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if I can ever help you in any way.


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