Strength – not mine but His

Ok – so it has been like forever since I blogged anything and I keep saying that I will start back as soon as I get my material together. Well that hasn’t worked so far and today I am just going to start back. Following is something I wrote in about 20 minutes the other day.

I was/am in a place where I am reflecting on life – the good, the bad and the ugly! Not that anything is wrong or that I feel like I need to radically change anything but more asking – can I do it better? Am I truly all that I can be? Am I truly what God wants me to be? So Wednesday, I started writing and this is what came to me.


I see my life unfolding – going faster than ever before
Sometimes wondering, what’s it all for
In my strength I find that I am weak
Often ready to quit when everything is bleak

The ups and downs – the trials of life
Always testing me to my very core
I find that I am not strong enough to endure
I find that I am not strong enough to be secure

Someday there will be an answer
There will be a day when all is made clear
But until then I will look to my Savior
To guide and carry me – helping me through my fear

The ups and downs – the trials of life
He has conquered all before
I find that he is strong enough to endure
In Him I find that I can be strong enough and secure

The End

Anyway, that’s a glimpse of where I am. And my plan is to blog about my thoughts as I work through the questions above and I am sure others that will come. I ask you to join me by sharing your thoughts and comments.

Thanks for reading!

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