Merry Christmas

It’s almost time…..presents are bought, house is decorated and the cooking is in full swing. The kids are home (well at least they sleep at home most nights). And everybody seems to be having a good/relaxing time. I really enjoy work this time of year as well as a lot of people are out of the office and I can crank up my music without bothering everyone.

This morning I have been listening to all types of music, started with Christmas music but I can only take that in small increments so I then switched over to some jazz, followed by some classic rock and finally ended up on my Worship songs playlist. As I have listened today to the different worship songs I have been overwhelmed by the simplicity of the Gospel message.

All of us have sinned and are born separated from God but God loves each of us!! So much in fact, that he sent His Son, to pay the price for our sins so that we might be restored to an everlasting relationship with Him. Let us remember that Jesus’ birth was just the beginning of the restoration process – His sinless life, dying on the cross for you and me – and overcoming that death provides the opportunity for our reconciliation with God. Our piece of the puzzle is to accept God’s love, grace and mercy through believing in His Son Jesus and what He did for us and allowing Him to be ruler of our lives.

Even following through on the last part is made easier as each of us is given the Holy Spirit to guide us as we journey through our lives. And please notice I said easier – NOT EASY. One of the great gifts God gives us is peace!! Our lives will always have challenges and there will be things we simply don’t understand but we can have faith and peace that God is with us – ALWAYS!!

To all, Merry Christmas and If you haven’t already I pray that each of you will accept the greatest gift of all – God’s perfect gift for you – His Son.


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