Spring Time

It’s arrival is always welcomed, although it comes unannounced
It never stays too long and you miss it as soon as it’s gone
It brings a new promise everytime and is always refreshing
It’s Spring Time again and time for life to be renewed.

I love springtime for all the reasons listed above and look forward to it’s arrival every year. The promise of warmer days and cool nights always picks my spirits up. And it seems that spring always provides the opportunity for redo’s or starting over if you will. It’s a quick second chance for those who have failed to keep their new year resolutions.

No doubt millions of people will soon be making their way to Home Depot or, if they’re a Jimmie Johnson fan, Lowes to begin making purchases for whatever spring projects they have in mind this year. With the new season we all love to take the opportunity to work around the house and freshen things up a bit. Typically it starts with the annual spring cleaning. For married couples, this can be a stressful time as men try and argue as to why they should be allowed to keep the moosehead they’ve had since sophomore year of college and wives make a case as to why the living room really needs to have new window treatments and since we’re doing that, there is really no way to leave the kitchen as is.

Alas, I have digressed. Springtime brings hope for brighter days and the hope that things will be better for those who are having a tough time. As this spring approaches, I am excited for the days ahead. Yes, the economy still stinks but does show some signs of life but otherwise, everything else is going well. I welcome this time to get busy on some projects around the house and I’m really excited to see the kids for a week as they come home for spring break.

I am not sure where life finds you as the spring approaches, but I pray that this season would bring to you and your family a fresh breath of life and optimism and that all your days are bright and filled with hope.

God Bless,

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