Here we go Again!!

So a first begins for me this Saturday as I leave on my first ever mission trip. I will be going with 4 other guys on a trip to Haiti. We are going down to build some houses in the Port ‘Au Prince area. This is so far out of my comfort zone but I am excited about the trip and to see what God has in store for our team as well as those we are going to help!!

It’s been awhile since I have written anything as I just felt God was wanting me to take a break and listen to Him. And wow, He has had a lot to say!! There’s no way to cover it all but it has been an incredible month for me! One of the best things about this past month is that I have been able to enjoy life. I was able to visit Kym and Andrea and spend some quality time with both of them at GSU. Knowing those opportunities are dwindling in number, I hope to take advantage of every opportunity I can!

As a father, they will always be my girls but truth is – they have become such incredible women!! To see how they continue to grow in their faith by keeping Christ at the center is simply awesome! And to see how well their managing their lives is great to see as well (even though I know they don’t feel that way sometimes)! Partial? Sure but really just humbled to see how God has blessed them and to see how they have just stepped up!!

I have started dating my wife again and I must say – it is tremendous fun!!!! Just to take time and spend a couple of hours with her has been really great and I feel a deeper connection with her because of it. Guys, if you’re not doing this already – you owe it to yourself and your wife to start – just sayin…It’s been a great reminder for me on the priorities in my life. I am finding if I keep them in the right order – things just seem to go better overall.

God, over the past month has really blessed me by letting me see/notice how much my kids are growing in their faith and personal walk with Him. I mentioned the girls earlier but I am equally proud of the guys as I have seen tremendous growth in them over the last month as well. Ryan and Kyle both have taken up blogging as well which you can check out for yourself and it’s honestly worth the read. Ryan’s is and Kyle’s blog can be found at

Like I said, it’s been a great month to be able to see God’s blessings in my family’s life and I’m glad that He has slowed me down enough to see that and to experience some really cool stuff in my personal walk with Him as well. I love Tuesday mornings as I get to meet and be with about 15 guys every week as we go through our Bible study together. It’s funny, I am the facilitator of this group but I am getting so much more from them than I feel they are getting from me. I have gotten to reconnect with old friends and to establish brand new relationships with new friends as well.

Anyway, I guess the point to this post is this. Take time to seek and look for God in your life and I will bet, like me, you will see overwhelming evidence of God’s blessings in your life.

Peace and thanks for reading!

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