So, my first afternoon in Haiti is complete. All the things I had heard are true – the poverty is unbelievable. Living conditions are simply in some instances indescribable. But none of that is what struck me today as we toured the different sections of Port au Prince.

I would make a case that among the countless blessings I have been given by God – one of the greatest of these is the simple matter of choice! The fact that I have the opportunity to move somewhere new just hit me hard today. From the time I turned 18 I have had the freedom to pusue change in my life. Where I went to school, where I lived or the type of work I would do.

These folks here in Haiti really don’t have those types of choices at ANY point in their life. True, they still have the choice to decide how they respond to their circumstances just like we do but to have a real opportunity to change their standing in life is a continual uphill struggle!

So, tonight I am just a little more humble…..AND that’s a good thing!

Thanks for reading and God Bless.

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