I am not writing this because I think this will inspire you in some way. No, this is probably more of a challenge if anything.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to take part in a couple of meetings/discussions that has me feeling inspired. The content of the meeting or even what I feel inspired about is not the reason for the post. The discussion was incredible and during the afternoon I felt a myriad of different emotions as the time went by and as we concluded our time together, I was inspired.

So as I identified that emotion, I began to think about other times in my life that I felt inspired and to reflect on what happened after those moments of inspiration. Well, as I have done that this afternoon, I have realized that in times past I have not really done much with those inspirations. At least I don’t feel I did as much with those opportunities as I could have. Why Not? I felt inspired, I wanted to achieve that which I felt inspired to do, but why didn’t I fulfill that inspiration.

My conclusion is FEAR. I let fear overide my desire to act upon that which I felt inspired to do. Now that fear has been different depending on the situation. I have had a fear of failure. What if I get into this, and it doesn’t go the way I plan, or I am not able to complete the task at hand? Or I’ve had the fear of rejection; what will other people think of this? will they think it’s stupid? or maybe pointless? And there have been other times where I have had a fear of commitment. What if I don’t have time to finish? Or do I really want to work, to see this through?

I have been convicted to not allow any fears to overide my future inspirations. But as I look at this, I realize there is another question to ask and that is this: who’s inspiration is this? Is it something that I feel inspired to do because it’s something that I think will bring me more recognition? Or maybe to impress someone or someones? Or is my inspiration a result of God’s prompting on my heart? I think this is a huge question to answer and one that I know I have overlooked in the past.

As I see it, if the inspiration is prompted by God, then fear should never enter into the equation! If the inspiration is God given, then it’s a simple matter of obedience. Will I choose to act and fulfill that which God has called me to do? God has called all manner of people to fulfill His purpose over the years and has I look at their lives and see how they have accomplished great things; I am overwhelmed by the simple fact that they were simply obedient to follow God’s prompting or call upon their lives.

No matter their feelings, shortcomings or status in life, those that choose to be obedient to follow God’s path always achieve great things! My desire is to be one of those people going forward. One who strives to follow God’s path so that one day I may hear similar words to those found in Matthew 25:23 – 23 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

Thanks for reading! Peace!

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