Anybody that knows me, knows that I love football! And sometimes, too much so, if there is such a thing as it relates to football. I think that football is the perfect team game. And I think Golf is the greatest individual game but that will be a different post entirely. Obviously, it is easy to draw parallels between the game of football and life. We have all heard sermons or stories that try to compare God as the owner, Jesus as the Coach, and we are the players. At first, that sounds good but let’s be real, who among us is going to volunteer to play center, defensive tackle or the lowly punter. None of us, we would all want to be the Quarterback, Running Back or Wide Receiver. So forget that.

In the business or professional world, I have yet to meet anyone who sought to be a failure. Everyone I know, however they got into their business or profession, is always striving to improve themselves or grow their business. To be successful, that is the goal. And for some, that desire started way back in high school, or maybe college. Remember meeting with your counselor or adviser, discussing the path you should follow – what classes to take when and how many credits/hours you would need to graduate.

Or maybe like me, you found yourself having to get on with life, and weren’t able to finish college. You knew you needed to make plans, choose a profession and get busy. I chose printing or more likely, it chose me. However it happened, I was fortunate to have people come along side me and teach me about planning, and guide me through the early years as I learned the industry.

And as all of this is going on, there is life, filling in the gaps of our time. For me, the gaps were filled by my beautiful and wonderful wife, Lisa, and the 4 gifts that soon followed named, Kymberly, Andrea, Kyle, and Ryan. Again, fortunately, I was able to have people to come alongside me, us, as we tried to figure out the whole husband, wife, parents dynamic we were now engulfed in. A lot of time, energy, prayers, work, etc went into trying to be good spouses, parents as people would try and help us prepare and plan for the future ahead.

I listed these first three things in no particular order. The fourth thing and it runs parallel to other 3 – Spiritual Growth. At 45, it is easy for me to tell you that this is the most important aspect of the four, But when I was 18, 22, or 26; I honestly had no clue. Everything else in my life, I had a plan for, and things I didn’t know, well, I sought answers from those that I knew could help me. But for whatever reason, I never really thought to develop a spiritual plan. I just went to church on Sunday, sometimes Sunday night and occasionally on Wednesday night.

There would be moments where a study might captivate me or a couple of sermons would really stir me up but a plan, a strategy to grow closer to Christ? No, not even close, I had one general goal. “Lord, please help me be a better Christian”. I laugh now but how sad is that? The God of ALL CREATION loves me, made a way for me to know Him and is within me 24/7 and my goal is to be a better christian……. over the last 15 to 20 years God has brought people into my life who have taught me to read, to study, to pray, to seek, to love, to plan and develop a strategy to keep this cycle active and productive. To Be More Like Christ is my goal now and has been for a while. To pursue this goal without a strategy or game plan, if you will, would be like showing up this Sunday to face the Packers (for Lisa) and think you can win just because you know how to play the game.

Peace and thanks for reading!!

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