Seems like just last year I wrote a post on my daughter turning 21. And yes, it was just a year ago that Kym turned 21 and now her sister is turning 21 tomorrow. Man do I feel old today! Young but old – you understand, right?
Andrea Renee is one of the most driven people I know. Period. Always has been and probably always will be. From an early age she has always pushed herself to be the best at whatever was laid before her. A trait I truly admire! I have never known her to look at anything negatively. When a problem or situation as arisen, she looks at it and asks how do I overcome this? The possibility of failure never enters her mind. Another trait which I admire.

Andi is a connector. And by that, I mean she has an ability to connect with people almost immediately after meeting them. Early on, us Dorsey’s moved around a lot as the kids were growing up and whenever we did, it seemed that Andrea was always the first one to make new friends in our new neighborhoods. A natural gift of hospitality no doubt helps but it is her genuine love of people that really helps her connect. All of our kids have a common trait which is authenticity. Now understand, none of the four are perfect, but authentic, that they are. And I think this is why people gravitate to Andrea. They recognize that she sincerely cares about them.

Andrea is, and this may surprise some folks, a highly competitive person. If she is participating in something, make no doubt, she wants to finish first, best, etc. She is a very gifted athlete and can do anything…..except hit a golf ball. She hasn’t got that down yet, but everything else, she excels in. Growing up she was a competitive Ice Skater and would generally finish 1st or 2nd in every category, in every event. And she was always disappointed with 2nd!! I use to love watching her prepare on “game” days. I could always tell when she would switch into game mode. And from that point on until she finished skating, she would stay focused on the task at hand.

Not surprising but Andi is pursuing a degree in Hospitality and Event planning (that’s not the correct technical name). She is on pace to graduate early and doing so while also being in Alpha Delta Phi Sorority and active in on campus outreach activities. I am continually amazed by her and her drive but what I am more proud of is her love for people and her willingness to always look for ways to serve others.

Some of my favorite memories of Andi, and Kym, are those times when they would want to host theme parties. Everything from 50’s night when we transformed our house into a 50’s diner to Hawaiian Luaus. There was always music, dancing and laughing. A tradition we still continue to this day. If you ever have an opportunity to be at the Dorsey house when these events take place, trust me, you don’t want to miss them.

Andrea, as I told Kym last year, my birthday wish for you is that you always experience the joy that you have given to your mother and me!

My prayer for you is that you always keep Christ first in your life! Get that right, the rest will take care of itself.

Andrea is 21 tomorrow and there can not be any parents out there, prouder of their children then we are of Andrea and all of our kids!! Happy Birthday Peanut!! We love

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