Knowing and Being Known

I know a lot about a lot of different things. I know history. I know english. I know sports. I know books, movies, and music. I’ve studied them and learned about them. Read them, played them, tried them, etc. What I don’t know, I can now google and learn all I ever wanted to know about anything. Pick the topic, subject, object, person, event, whatever you want to know more about, you can now begin learning about it in a matter of seconds! Amazing!! We literally have the world at our fingertips and at any time I can begin the process of knowing more about anything I choose.

I love history and especially in relation to wars. Why did they happen? What events took place to lead up to war? Who were the key players? What were they thinking and how did the events unfold? One of my favorite people to study and learn about, even today, is Winston Churchill. The man is simply fascinating to me. I love reading his quotes and even more so, reading his memoirs. And yet, no matter how much I study about him, his thoughts, actions, beliefs, etc., the truth is – I will never know him. As I was thinking about this fact; I realized that this is true for everyone I “know”. I’m not just talking about people I have read about or seen in the movies or on tv. Even those I know personally, my wife, kids, parents, friends, I don’t truly know any of them! I can’t.

I know you are probably saying – no, your wrong Scott, I do know my wife, my husband, my kids. Do you really? We may think we know the people around us but the truth is – we don’t really know if we know them or not. Here’s my point. We can only know a person as much as they let us know them. We are dependent upon how much of themselves they are willing to share with us. Our hope, especially with those we love, is that they are willing to share everything about themselves with us. So let me ask you a question. Are you someone that others would be willing to trust, to open themselves up for you to see all of them?

Now let’s turn this around – how open and honest are you with those who “know” you? Obviously, there are those that know more of me than others but let’s get deep here. Those who know you best – How much of you have you allowed them to truly know? OK, I will leave you alone now and let you wrestle with that one on your own.

I will end this post with this. There is one who knows you. And I mean knows you…even better than you know yourself. For He created you and most importantly LOVES YOU!! And this is the really cool part – His desire is for you to know Him. Imagine that, you don’t have to guess with God, he is waiting to share everything about Himself with you!! He provided His Son, to come and live among us, to die for us and to redeem us when our day comes. He conquered death and ascended to heaven and yet, we are not alone for His Spirit is here with us, for those who have accepted Christ as their Savior.

Peace and thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Knowing and Being Known

  1. ‘….There is one who knows you. And I mean knows you…even better than you know yourself.’

    Very true. Only God knows the heart. Some months ago I sincerely prayed ‘search me, Oh God.’ He did! And the places illuminated are taking some major work. Serious stuff. Only Light dispells darkness.

    Good thoughts, Thanks.


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