2012 – New Beginnings

Well let’s start with a quick recap of the past couple of weeks since we last met. Christmas this year was just fantastic. Nothing overly exciting happened, as it was just a nice quiet time spent with family and friends. Having the kids home is always good and I am so thankful that they all had the opportunity to spend their Christmas with us this year. Sadly, I realize this may not be the norm going forward.

The only problem I have when the kids are home is thinking that I am their age and therefore, can stay up all hours of the night with them and then, still function as a responsible adult the next day. A lot of our time together is spent sitting around the living room, each of us on our own computer, talking and just sharing stories. Of course, we do this while we are watching a movie or some kind of sporting event and at least one of us will have music of some kind playing for background noise. To the casual observer I can only imagine how chaotic the scene must appear. Oh, and throw in an Australian Shephard and Black Lab wanting attention and it can be quite the spectacle.

I wouldn’t want it any other way, as to me, this is life. And let me tell you, the conversations that take place are just incredible and can range from silly to down right morbid and everything in between. No subject is off limits and the dialogue is typically a series of rapid fire exchanges but then suddenly, there can be 20 minutes or so, of absolute silence. It’s fun and as a parent, one of the fun things for me is to see how each of the kids is finding their own ideas, beliefs and identity. And then, their ability to present their viewpoints, opinions can be impressive.

I have found myself during this season to be in a highly reflective state. My memories have been bouncing between my own childhood and those of my kids while looking ahead to see if I can catch a glimpse of what the future may hold. Part of the reflection has been on my spiritual journey, from the time I first accepted Christ till now. The highs, the lows and all that has brought me to the place I am today. The simple fact is this: I have been blessed and I wouldn’t trade or change anything about the journey God as allowed me to live up to this point! I believe reflection is good for us to experience from time to time. A chance for a mental reset. I believe that reflection should be short, lest we fall into the trap of “living” in the past.

And now, as I look to 2012 and what lies ahead, I am genuinely excited and anxious for the days to come. Several sermons, studies, and conversations of late seem to all have this one certain theme attached. And it’s this: God is always calling us forward! Calling me forward. I have read, studied and prayed a lot over the last 3 weeks, specifically thinking  about my role in 2012 and the things I would like to accomplish this year. And something different for me, however is that this year, I have taken time to put these things in a filter if you will, and asking the simple question of: Is this what God wants for my life? I don’t have all the answers yet but I’m definitely closer. This I know, the year as just started and with it a new beginning, an opportunity for great things being accomplished. I pray for wisdom, strength and endurance to pursue and fulfill what God has planned for me this year!

Peace and Thanks for reading!!

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