Content of Character

As we get into 2012, it has been interesting to look at the people we, as a society, have been focused on in the early days of this year. Obviously, a lot of media coverage has focused around Tim Tebow and his quest to become a quality NFL quarterback while facing unrelenting scrutiny of both his personal and professional life. Typically reserved for hollywood stars and politicians, Mr. Tebow has risen to superstar status with his every move captured by cameras while every word he speaks is recorded and then dissected to see if he misspoke in any way or said something that might be offensive to someone, somewhere.

Then with the upcoming elections this year we have been subjected to a daily dose of politics as we begin the process of electing a new president. The democrats are set for their nominee, leaving only the Republicans to figure out who will represent them come November. And as we look at the coverage being given to the possible candidates it’s obvious that very little effort is given to find out where each man stands on any given issue. Instead we get rhetoric, catchy slogans and petty mudslinging. Very little is devoted to finding out the character of the individuals, and typically only to the extent as it relates to their political views. I would love to see an honest effort made to allow candidates to discuss the issues, give their personal convictions on where they stand and finally, to offer real, potential solutions for the problems that face our country today.

And two days ago we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. day. As I was watching some of the coverage I decided to go back and view some of his speeches. A truly remarkable man who truly understood the world in which he lived and a hope (dream) of how the world could someday be. Sadly, I don’t think this dream will ever be realized here on earth but make no mistake, it will be fulfilled one day soon, in God’s time. Until then, I still believe that it is our responsibility to pursue the dream of living in a world where ALL men are created AND TREATED equal. For in God’s eyes, we are created equal and loved immeasurably by the One who created us. And it is He who calls us to first love Him and secondly, love each other (with no regard to sex, color, age, physical appearance, mental capacity or religious affiliation).

In Dr. King’s speech “I Have a Dream”, he says “my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character! I have a dream today.” What if we judged people based solely on the content of their character, how different would this world be? A more important question to ask ourselves is this – What is the content (quality) of our character? A humbling question for me as I look at my own life. How would people judge me based on the content of my character?

It’s easy I think for us to look at others and their “content”, passing judgement based on what we know or what we think we know. Tim Tebow, for example, is easy for Christians to get behind and support because the evidence of his character has been on display for all to see over the last six years. And conversely, his critics (enemies) are searching, prying to find a flaw in the man. If you are a follower of Christ, then hear me now. They will find a flaw, as he is only human, but we all have flaws in our character. It is how we choose to address those flaws that reveal our true character. Please know that I think Tim is an incredible man, who willingly continues to put Christ first in his life, as he lives out his life on the most public of stages.

Back to us – over the last 6 years, have we made it easy for other Christians to get behind and support us? Has the content of our character been such that others are drawn to it? Want it for themselves? My prayer is that I (we), would have a content of character that would be honoring to God and that others would see Christ in me – in all that I do and say!!

Peace and thanks for reading!

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