Knowing God – the Final Post

After much thought and prayer I have concluded the following: there is no way to adequately translate my thoughts or revelations in a way that would justify the work that J.I. Packer has put into this wonderful book. I have never read a book that breaks down the intricacies as well as Packer does in this book. I have been challenged and had to stretch my understanding of what truly Knowing God is all about.

I would love and welcome the opportunity to discuss this book in detail with someone or someones over a period of time. It is so rich in it’s detail and is always pointing people back to the Bible for the reader to find his answer and identify his own understanding. With Chapters titled – God Unchanging, The Majesty of God, God Only Wise, God’s Wisdom and Ours, The Word is Truth, The Love of God, The Grace of God, God the Judge, The Wrath of God, Goodness and Severity, and the Jealous God you can see how this book can challenge you and propel to a greater understanding of Knowing God. And the chapters I listed above are just part 2 of this book!

I would challenge you all to purchase a copy of this book and then we could begin an on-line book club if you will to discuss each others discoveries as we delve into this book. I will warn you however, that this is not a feel good kind of book. It is one that will challenge your foundation and to be completely honest with yourself.

My prayer is that at least one of you will be willing to read and share this book with me.

Peace and I will resume normal posting shortly!

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