An Olympic Commitment

I, like a lot of people, love the olympics and every 4 years become a huge fan of sports I haven’t watched since the last olympics. As a friend of mine said recently – “only during the olympics do you hear somebody ask; so what are the rules in water polo?” As fans we only engage in the sports and the individuals participating for 2 weeks every 4 years. We know some of the more famous athletes but by and large only a couple of us could identify any member of the US Fencing team until we actually see them standing guard, ready to pursue the gold medal.

For the athlete however, the 2 weeks that come every 4 years is the culmination of everything they have worked and trained to accomplish. For some the pursuit started when they were children as they decided early on to devote themselves to achieve greatness in their particular sport. For others, their drive to achieve excellence was born over time as they began to mature and realized their talent for whichever sport they’re participating in. Regardless of how long they have been training, none of them could have reached the pinnacle of competing at this level without a commitment to be the best they can be. Now for some, they will have to answer the question of whether they truly did commit to be the best they could be or simply did enough to compete.

Very few of them will ever receive a medal for all the years of dedication and sacrifice they make in pursuit of achieving their Olympic dream. To measure their greatness on whether or not they achieve this is simply wrong. We should applaud the effort of all of these athletes. Yes, they chose to pursue the dream and as such, knew that they would have to give up a lot of things in order to realize their dream. And to gain the opportunity to perform on the Olympic stage, whether or not you medal, in my opinion, should be applauded.

So Christ follower…what is your dream? what is it that you are trying to achieve? And in order to achieve this, what sacrifices and commitment are you truly willing to make in order to someday realize your dream? What if you are never recognized by others for the hard-work and dedication you’ve given to follow Christ – will your commitment falter? As great as the Olympics are do they really compare to what lies ahead for the true Christ-followers? And as such, shouldn’t it be easy for us to have an Olympic type commitment in our pursuit of Him?

Just Curious. Peace and thanks for reading.

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