South Africa Mission 11-4-12

I am so excited, as I have recently learned that I will have the opportunity to take part in a mission trip, in which we are partnering with Hope Africa Collective. Myself along with four others will be traveling to Cape Town, South Africa on November 5th to take part in the work being done there.

Mission trips in general, are always good but I am really excited about the opportunity that this one presents, as it offers, in addition to evangelical opportunities, the chance for me to utilize my computer skills to teach local students on how to use various software and other tools on their computers. And to know this is part of Bridge for Hope’s larger mission in “We exist to equip African individuals to be the catalyst of change in their society and to build sustainable communities together.” is very exciting.

I love the approach that Bridge for Hope is trying to implement and follow through with in the Cape Town community. Too many times I feel that we fall short with our “mission trips” by not providing the means or equipping those who live there to sustain long after the trip has ended. And for me, to know that I get to play a part in helping individuals to have the potential to better their quality of life is both humbling and exciting.

I have been in constant prayer about the upcoming trip – to be open to letting God use me and our team in whatever capacity is needed while we are there and beyond! Praying for those that we will be privileged, to not only meet, but work with and share a little of our life together. Praying for our team to have strength, wisdom, and patience for the spiritual battles that are sure to come as we make this journey. Praying for others who might read this or hear about our trip, to join in praying for us, as well as the folks who have committed to live in South Africa and work as part of Bridge for Hope International team.

Obviously, with any trip of this magnitude, there is a cost to get there and for each of us on the team the cost will be $2,400.00. I originally was compelled to say no to this opportunity because of the cost but I knew and know that I am called to make this journey. As I was working through whether or not to take this trip, I was convicted that even though every part of me knew this was something I was being called to do – that my initial response, concern was about the cost and not the mission.

Obedience is a funny thing. I am ok with obedience as long as it is convenient for me and doesn’t require me to put my faith to the test… So through prayer and council, I decided to have faith and take the journey. All I can say at this point is that ever since I committed to following God’s lead and saying yes to the trip, I have been overwhelmed with peace.

So today, October 10, I now find myself like a young child at Christmas who continually wakes up during the night just hoping that the time has come to see what’s under the tree. I now anxiously await November 5th so I (we) can begin our journey!

My plan is to post something here everyday until my return from South Africa so be looking for the updates if you are interested in sharing this journey. And I do hope that you will join in praying for us and Bridge for Hope.

Additionally, if you would like to help financially, you can mail your checks to Sugar Hill Church, 5091 Nelson Brogdon Blvd., Sugar Hill, GA 30518. Please make checks payable to Sugar Hill Church. If you wish to receive a tax credit, the memo line on check must be left blank. You can drop a note in the envelope designating who the funds are intended to support.

Peace and thanks for reading!!

3 thoughts on “South Africa Mission 11-4-12

  1. I like what you said about obedience…so true! Mission trips are an awesome experience for all involved. God bless you and everyone going. 🙂


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