I am asking you to go.

Hard to describe the mood I am in today. Realizing that I now have a little over a week to be fully prepared is starting to sink in a little. Our team is actually meeting tonight to go over our agenda, game plan for our time in Cape Town. I think after tonight I will be able to relax a little knowing that we have a game plan – see, it’s always better for me once I have a plan because then I can just starting working the plan, my checklist.

Our men’s Bible Study this morning was really good. We are methodically working our way through the book of Romans and today we were in chapter 4 – Abraham justified by faith. For me, it was a good reminder that above everything, I need to hold to my faith; faith that God loves me and only wants what is best for me – according to His purpose. Abraham demonstrated great faith in believing in the promises that God laid before him.

This was demonstrated by Abraham when God instructed him to offer his son as a sacrifice to God. I would like to think that I would have that kind of faith… but honestly, I mean, ok, let me get this straight God, I am to take my son whom you promised me and now return him to you? How does this exactly fulfill the other promise of making me the father of many nations? Those would be the questions I would have but for Abraham it was a simple matter of obedience – he knew God’s will and chose to follow.

That’s a serious faith!! To willingly choose to follow God’s will when it doesn’t make sense and comes at great price or at least an inconvenience to us, takes discipline and a desire to truly want to please God. I’m not there yet but I am working on it.

This trip represents for me another step in my faith walk with Christ. I can give so many reasons why this trip doesn’t make sense for me to go. But as I go through the reasons why I think I shouldn’t go, I hear the Spirit telling me but I am asking you to go. But what about….I am asking you to go. I understand but what about….I am asking you to go. But Lord, what if…… I am asking you to go.

So…..I will go!

Peace and thanks for reading!

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