A Most Beautiful Drive – 11/7

Wednesday morning and we find ourselves driving along Beach Rd., which is literally a hundred yards or so from the Indian Ocean. It’s mile after mile of beach, sand dunes, clear blue water with 3 to 5 foot waves crashing every 3 to 4 seconds. I am not even going to try and describe how incredible the beauty of this was but to say – how anybody could ever drive this stretch of road and not think of our Creator is beyond me.

Being honest here but as we were driving along, the reason for us being here was slipping from my mind. Terry then asked if we wanted to go up on one of the sand dunes and get a look at the different townships that made up this area of Cape Town. So as we climb up the sand dune facing the ocean, we (I) was unaware of what lay behind us. Following the end of this paragraph is a short clip from Terry Hilliard explaining the vision, purpose of their ministry as we look out on the communities they are trying to reach. But understand as you view this that the video doesn’t really show how densely populated this area truly is. It is roughly an area that is probably 45 miles by 30 to 40 miles.

I think Terry mentions that the area on the video represents an estimated 6 to 8 million people. I was convicted on the spot of how shallow a  Christ follower I can be!! It is much easier for me to turn 180 degrees and look out over God’s wonderful creation of the ocean, it’s waves and the sand dunes – sing the words of a worship song and feel like I am in touch with God. The hard part was turning and facing God’s wonderful creation of people and know that until that very moment I had never truly looked at God’s creation of people as I had His creation of the earth.

I pray that I never lose touch with the emotions I felt in that instant. Yes, I have cared about people and have for the most part, always done what I could to help anyone but for the first time, I felt I was seeing the beauty of people through God’s eyes – worshiping the Creator who created them and knowing that He was calling me to serve His creation. People.

In the next post I will introduce you to the wonderful people that make up Bridge4Hope, both students and staff!!

Peace and thanks for reading.

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