Time Out

I don’t remember now if it was November or December but in one of those months I decided to take on a new challenge and enter the world of triathlons. It’s not necessarily the cheapest sport to take up but over time I’ve acquired the necessary items to participate. I’ve been cycling for several years now so I had that covered and in January I added some swimming gear and recently I invested in some real running shoes. I am now a triathlete.

I have been training since the end of January and committed to a complete training program specifically designed for Triathletes! This has been a seven days a week type training, you know, like real athletes. I’m getting stronger, faster and making great progress in all three disciplines of being a triathlete. Everything going to plan, daily routine in place and feeling good. Until a timeout was called…..wait, let me back up and give a quick history.

I have never been accused of eating healthy and as each year passed the scales would show a couple more lbs. than the year before. In April last year, after weighing in for my yearly physical at 235, I decided enough was enough. Committed myself to working out a minimum of 3 times a week regardless of anything else going on.

Along with that I knew that a change in my eating lifestyle would also have to be a part of my new normal if I was going to make any long-term impact to my overall health. Over the last year I have done a number of different variations of eating choices; Paleo, Fasting, Meta-Life Program and now I follow a eating plan that resembles a Keto diet. So now on April 4, 2019 my weight fluctuates between 201 – 205 lbs.

Losing 30 lbs has been great and I’m so thankful for that but the reality is I probably need to lose another 10 to 20 lbs. to really start being a healthy individual. Here is where I will interject that over the last 4 years, I have also known that I have hypertension or high blood pressure. Not moderate mind you, if I don’t take the meds prescribed, I can easily approach a 165/110 type numbers – much higher and you get a free ride to the ER.

I tell you this because as simple as it would have been for me to take a single, stupid pill each morning, I would choose not to. So, overweight with hypertension and only moderately active combined with poor eating habits led to me where I was last April. So over the last year I have become a more healthy eater, increased my workouts to 6 or 7 days a week and seen steady improvement in my weight loss and overall physical conditioning.

In February and March I really stepped up my training in preparation for my first Olympic triathlon in September. In the back of mind, I knew that I was not taking care my high blood pressure like I should and started taking my pill each morning. Only problem was that I only had a two day supply with no refills. I called the docs office to get a new prescription but with my annual physical coming due, they wanted to see me prior to releasing another prescription.

All of my important numbers related to my physical health came back great. The only concern for Doc was a “little” abnormality on my EKG. Doc said “I don’t think it’s anything to be concerned about but with all of this training you are doing, I want to refer you to a cardiologist to take a look.”

I met with the cardiologist on Tuesday this week and now I get to have an echo and stress test and do what they call a plaque scan. I honestly expect to be given the all clear but until then, my training has come to a screeching halt. At first, I was upset with all doctors (especially mine!) for making me go through all this extra testing crap but then honest self evaluation took place. The only person to potentially blame for all of this is me. Just me!

I’m proud of the work I’ve put in over the last year. I’ve been truly committed to being in the gym, cycling and even running; which I despise! Eating has been better than at any time in my life and overall, I don’t remember ever feeling as good as I do right now in my entire adult life! But, the fact is, at a minimum I know I have an enlarged or thick heart from overworking it the better part of 30 years compounded by the fact that even though I knew I should be taking my single, stupid pill I chose to be inconsistent at best.

So why I’m sharing all of this? I don’t care whether you are 22 or 62 and the picture of health or if you have totally neglected your body. Today can be a new day for you. If you choose it to be. Are you the picture of health? Great. Help others by encouraging and educating them. Be honest with yourself though as I know some of you may look like the picture of health but you know you’re not. Address whatever it is you need to address and keep on moving.

Out of shape, overweight and can’t ever seem to eat right or find the time to exercise. I call B.S.! Today can mark a new beginning for you. You have to want it and choose to change. It can be done! I’m doing it now and you can too. I don’t know what tomorrow holds but be assured from this point forward, I will always be consistent in eating healthy, exercising as much as I can and take the single, stupid pill!!

Peace and thanks for reading,


PS – If I can help in anyway, just let me know!

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