Passion meets purpose

Dear Friends and Family, 

It is no secret that I have always been passionate about sports, not some, but basically all sports. If its being judged or someone’s keeping score, then there is a good chance I have either been a referee, coached or played it! Additionally, I think most people know I have always had a heart for teaching and coaching, especially high school aged kids.

Last year, after 16 years of coaching high school, I felt God calling me to a new path so I made the decision to step aside from coaching to see where He might guide me. Although, I am not yet entirely sure where the path will ultimately lead, I see that God is starting to provide avenues to begin this new and exciting journey. I will share more on this in a later post.

Since then, I have specifically been praying that God would provide me an opportunity to serve on the mission field in either a teaching or coaching capacity. Through International Sports Federation, God is providing me the opportunity to utilize my passion for sports in combination with my love of teaching and coaching young people.

ISF will be on-site in the area of Lisbon, Portugal, from July 14th through July 21st, where we will have the opportunity to conduct a week long american football camp for kids of all ages up through college. Through this camp, we will have the opportunity to not only teach them about american football but to also share the Gospel message of hope and love.

The total cost of the trip is estimated to be $2000. My hope is to raise at least half of the expense by mid June. I am also seeking prayer partners to pray for our team, the ministries, safety, our host church – Alta Christa Church, the people of Lisbon, and the trip as a whole each day throughout the trip. If it is your heart to be a prayer partner for us, I would feel overwhelmingly blessed; it takes all of us as the body of Christ.

If you feel God’s calling to support me financially, please know that your gifts will be received as grace and with tremendous gratitude. All donations are tax deductible as ISF is a 501c3 charitable organization. Thank you for your support! Here is a link to my page at ISF which you can use to donate –

Last thing, for those who would like to follow my journey on this mission trip, I will be updating a Facebook group page I created which you can find here.

In Christ, 

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