What a Wonderful Name

What a Wonderful Name It Is!

Sunday morning was just beautiful. Hardly a cloud in the sky with temperature somewhere around 65 degrees with little humidity. Just a picture perfect kind of day. If all days were like this one, I may never return home.

I was looking forward to attending Hillsong Lisboa. I always look forward to attending church services in other cultures. For me it always serves as a reminder of how big our God really is. The realization of sitting in an auditorium of about 750 people, all gathered to take part in a time of worshiping, learning and praising God, was a very humbling and at the same time exhilarating experience.

Sitting in the next to last row as everyone was singing What a Wonderful Name It Is, the lyrics washed over me as if it was the first time ever hearing the song. The link above is from the worship service our team attended and will hopefully give you a taste of the experience.

As everyone else around us was singing in Portuguese, I was singing in English and ALL of us were simply praising Jesus. Surely this was a taste of what heaven will be like when all believers gather to sing and praise our Savior! A multitude of voices all in one accord praising the name, the only name above all names – Jesus Christ our King!

This moment will be, I hope, forever etched in my memory.

I could type more but feel compelled to end this post here. If interested, here is a link to the English version of What A Beautiful Name It Is. I challenge you to listen to it with fresh ears!

Peace and thanks for reading!


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