Summer of 82′

I both hate and love these types of moments. Here we are bottom of the 7th, two outs and runners on second and third. Maybe they’ll walk me? If I was them, I wouldn’t walk me but rather go right at me; fastball inside followed by a slider down and away. Then back with the heat inside. No, he knows I’ll be looking for the fastball and will try to get me swinging out front on a curve ball. Man, I’m thinking too much, just look for the fast ball and don’t swing at anything else. Ok, here we go – man, I hate and love these moments.

“Well Scotty, looks like we have ourselves a ball game!” Don’t say anything to him, we need a hit to tie this game. Concentrate. Johnny looking nervous out there on the mound. “Let’s go batter, step in there” the umpire says to me. Here we go. Relax, you got this. I wonder if Susie will want to watch a movie later? Whoa, whoa. “time Mr. Ump!” “You got time” the umpire says, a little disgruntled. What am I doing? The biggest moment of the year and I’m thinking about Susie? Come on, pull it together, you got a job to do here. “Step in batter!” the ump demands.

As I think back to the summer of 82′, it was such a great time in my life. Recalling this particular moment always puts a smile on my face. I did in fact, end up getting a double as I ripped the ball into the right center gap. I had tied the game with the big hit. Two innings later however, I would strike out swinging with runners again on second and third. Striking out to end the game is always the worst feeling. And to have this strikeout end our season was just devastating.

In the span of forty minutes I had gone from hero to goat. The worst part about it was knowing I had let my team down. They needed me to come through and I had failed. I remember Dad trying to cheer me up with telling me how great a game I had played, going 2 for 4 with a double and 3 rbi’s. He was always positive that way, remembering the good side of every story.

So, with the memory of that game and my dad’s ability to always look at the good side of every story, I begin the process of telling you my story about the summer of 82′. Some of it will actually be true, but mostly, I hope its a story that helps you reminisce and remember your own great times! Until next time.

Take care and thanks for reading,


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