Summer of ’82 – Never forget your first!

I will never forget the day, I had daydreamed about it for what seemed my whole life and here it was, the day that would change my life forever more. I didn’t know it was going to happen this particular day but as the events started to unfold, I could tell this was going to be a day like no other. Standing there, I remember my palms all sweaty, just knowing this wasn’t real but yet, here we were; all I could do was stare.

She was beautiful, I was in love from the moment I saw her. Obviously, the first thing I noticed was the body. I’m not sure if I really ever pictured how this moment would actually play out but here we were, her sitting there and me standing with my mouth wide open, not knowing what to say. She was beautiful, did I mention that? And for just $700.00, I could take her home.

My first car! A 1970 Ford Maverick, a 2-door sport coupe. Deep blue exterior with black vinyl seats, brand new tires and a 5.0, V8 under the hood. The radio was a dud but I would have that changed out in no time. As I sat down behind the wheel, I was still having a hard time believing that the moment had arrived where I would have my very own car. Putting the key in the ignition, I slowly turned the key and nothing! Seriously, nothing. What the …, not to worry, as the gentlemen just told me to pull up on the column lever.

Ah, there it is, feeling the car come to life. She was full of power! I couldn’t wait to get her on the road and see how fast it would go. Side note here: before my 17th birthday, I would rack up 4 speeding tickets! Backing out of the driveway I knew my life would never be the same. My love of driving has never diminished over the years and I actually look forward to long road trips.

I’ve owned a multitude of cars since 1982, but that old blue bomb still remains as one of my favorites! She was my partner in crime for the summer of ’82, taking me all over the Metro Atlanta area, Florida and one unforgettable weekend in Kentucky. She cost me a fortune in silinoite switches, starters, batteries and one radiator. The radiator wasn’t her fault as it was me that rear ended the lady and her Cadillac.

She was my first love, and was always there for me! She just wanted a tender touch and be treated with care! When I think of all the cars I’ve owned, I always think of her first!

Not mine but almost identical to my old blue bomb

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