A Happy Anniversary – Reflection

My beautiful wife and I just celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary yesterday. It was a very simple but great day. Started off by just hanging out around the house before we headed out to get our Christmas Tree. Once home, we got it set up and did a little shopping. Thursday affernoon we will do … Continue reading A Happy Anniversary – Reflection

There Was a Time…

D-Day - Normandy 1944 - Omnimaxpicture credit - http://www.carnegiesciencecenter.org/rangos-giant-cinema/d-day-normandy-1944/ Today is the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Is it even possible for us to comprehend the magnitude of what took place on the shores of Normandy that fateful June day? It wasn't just that day either, but everyday that passed after, as the US and Allied … Continue reading There Was a Time…

My First Triathlon Sprint

Checked in and ready to go! This past weekend I was able to accomplish a goal that even a year ago seemed impossible. Last April, I weighed in at the doctors office at a hefty 235 lbs. Being 5'10", there wasn't anywhere else to hide the extra weight. I committed then to make some lifestyle changes. First, was to change … Continue reading My First Triathlon Sprint

The Gospel, Paul and Me – prequel

In 2018, beginning in April, I begin documenting my physical transformation through blog posts and then mostly just to Instagram. I called the journey - #chasing25. I will continue capturing the journey via IG but want to focus my writing in 2019 on a spiritual journey I'm calling The Gospel, Paul and Me. Over the … Continue reading The Gospel, Paul and Me – prequel